Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Making Caps, a Knox Guide. Pt. 1, Introduction.

So you like sissy caps, and want to go about making some of your own do you?  Well, I'll help you.  Granted, I can only get you so far.  The rest is practice, effort, and talent.  But I can get you pretty far.

First things first, what is a cap? 

A caption is basically what it says on the can.  It's a picture with a bunch of words on it.  Sometimes they're combined in the same image macro, sometimes you can just post the picture and the text in the same place.  This second method, while less common, is sometimes easier if the story is especially long, for reasons of visual balance, which I'll get to in a bit. 

Here, we're specifically interested in TG or feminization caps, both of which are sorts of umbrella terms for captions where it is told or implied that a person, born a genetic male, is either turned into, or made to look like, a genetic female.  The who, how, when, where and why are up to you.  

You can use first, second or third person, (I, he/she, you respectively), present or past (I haven't seen it, but I guess you could pull future tense off?) be as implicit or implicit as you like, and incorporate any other themes (read: fetishes) you want, as long as there's 1. a picture, 2. a caption, and 3. it involves a guy getting turned into a girl.

The feminization is basically entirely in the context.
If this was anywhere else, it would be
a couple of lesbians being cute. 

So how do I start? 

Well, first, you'll need image editing software.  If you have a mac, it should come with Photoshop, which is sort of the cadillac of programs.  If you have a PC, you get MS paint, which is the Yugo.  No layers, no ability to easily edit text once you've typed it, and so on.  If you only have paint, I'd recommend GIMP.  It's free, it's got plenty of features, and while it's not super easy to use, it's pretty good.

There are also a few good online ones, like Pixlr, and I seem to recall that Aviary was alright.

Next, you're going to need pictures to caption.  I tend to see hi-res as better, since you can always scale and compress an image, but it really ruins the vibe when scaled up.  I'd recommend browsing 4chan's /s/ board, finding fashion and porn blogs on tumblr, doing...whatever it is people on pinterest do, and then searching google to find bigger versions of the images posted.

I save all the pictures that might have potential, and sometimes browse through the folder, and inspiration will strike me with an idea for a caption.  There's a good reason for doing it this way, and I'll explain that in the next post.

Okay, so now you have an image-editing program and a stock of good pictures.  Technically, you're ready to go...but, you might want to stick around for the next part: writing a cap!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Strange Encounter

The weather was the worst kind that day--the sort of overcast where it's not heavy enough to dim the sun's light, but instead just scatters it around so there's no true shade.  Supposedly filmmakers like it because it gives them nice, even lighting, but it just gives me headaches. More so when I'm forced to be outside, as I was that day, sitting at a bus stop, waiting for the one bus that goes to my neighborhood, and which is always late. There I was, sitting in the bus stop, peering down the street for the bus, when I heard/felt someone sit down next to me.  You know, when you kind of hear a person and feel the air draft on your skin at the same time, and it feels like synthesia for a moment.  Then the smell hit me a moment afterwards--a beautiful feminine fragrance, but also strangely familiar.  At this, I turned and looked, and found sitting next to me a beautiful woman--well, not drop-dead gorgeous, by any means, but much better-looking than the usual class of bus-riders.  I was about to turn back away, when she nearly made me jump out of my pants by addressing my by my name.

I turned back to her with all the coolness I could muster in the milliseconds I had.  "I'm sorry, do I know you?"  I asked.

She assumed a mockingly pained expression "Oh come on, don't tell me you don't know me?"

I looked her over from her patent pumps to her loose, honey-blonde curls, with her thick thighs and ample breasts in between, wrapped, as they were in a nicely-tailored suit.  "No honey, up here"  she says, and I look up at her face.  There's something familiar there...in the eyes...at that moment, she made a face, a grimace, and I realize "my god!" I exclaimed.  The face was one I'd pulled many times in the past--a sort of ironic grin with the chin pulled back into the neck, for the purposes of comedy, especially as a reaction face on the internet.  When I saw it on her face, though, it was unmistakable.  "You're...!!"

"You, yes, what you can, and might become"

I saw it now: the nose and cheekbones were different, but those were my lips, chin and eyes.  I could see how I didn't recognize...her?

"But how...?"

"Time travel.  Listen, the last few years for me have been very interesting.  But I'm not here about me, I'm here--well, actually I am here about me.  Past me.  You.  Listen, I know why you were in that gun store.  I know what you plan to do.  I'm going to tell you, as an older and wiser you: don't.  You know the cliche about things getting better?  Well, this isn't just Pollyanna optimism, this is future history.  Thing do get better, and very soon.  Now what I need you to do is go home, eat a square meal, have a smoke and sleep as long as you need to.  In the morning, you'll be feeling much better.  Buy the gun, then take it to the range and put some holes through a target.  It'll do you good.  Don't worry, your big break will come soon."

"What is it?  What happens?"

"I'm afraid I can't tell you, come on, you know the rules of time travel.  I will say this: the opportunity looks like an opportunity.  You just need to have the will to take it.  Look here comes your bus now"

And with that, she grabbed the back of my head, pulled it to hers, and gave me a kiss.  Her lips were warm and soft.  It was sort of in between a light peck, and a full smootch.

"Don't worry, everything will be alright."

And with that, she helped me to my feet, and towards the bus.  "Oh, and you should probably wipe that lipstick off before you get home".