Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh Whal.

Okay, so I made a terrible mistake--I wrote a caption before choosing a picture.  Now one of the core elements of my captioning doctrine is that the picture tells a story, and I just put it into words.  Of course, this doesn't work too well if you start from the wrong end, which is what I did.  So I spent a few hours scanning the internet for a suitable picture, and found one which *sigh* I guess fits.  So I took the picture, started into it.  Of course, having written the story before having the picture, I didn't count on its length, and it didn't fit into what I consider to be an aesthetically pleasing size.

So there I was, with a bunch of caption pieces that didn't fit together, and no way to salvage them.  So I threw it all away, and hoped for better luck on the next one.  So, for now, the world will be without another incest-crossdressing-pedophilia-gay seduction captions.

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